Spending Time in Brea

The charming city of BreaThe charming city of Brea has been a popular destination for visitors to sunny California for many years. However, in recent years this also became one of the most popular places to set up residence.

The extensive program that the metropolis boasts attracts culture vultures from all over California. Watching a live performance at the theater is a popular evening pastime here. Special free performances are also held in parks and other outdoor areas at various times of the year.

When the sun shines over Brea residents head on over to one of the 15 large parks that cover the city. These are good places to get together on a sunny day and enjoy a picnic. People also travel to Arovista and other green zones to play sports or enjoy a picnic together.

Playing golf is a popular pastime in the community. Visitors will find several pretty golf courses where they can get back into the swing of things. The regional waterways are also good places to enjoy a water sport, and various shops sell aquatic sporting equipment.

On sunny days both visitors and residents alike head over to the Olinda Oil Museum and Trail, which is home to the interesting and informative Historic Museum. The extensive hiking trail that can be found here is also an excellent place to wander. People with children will also want to take them to the Olinda Ranch Park, which can be found nearby.

The most eagerly awaited event has to be Brea Fest, which features a wide range of vibrant events. Food stalls here offer delicious dishes from many leading restaurants around the metropolis. Lovers of live music and other types of entertainment will also be in their element here. The annual Bridal Show also attracts large crowds, while the Spring Boutique also features a range of interesting and unusual events.