Getting the Most Out of Cycling Vacations

Cycling VacationsCycling in North California is an enchanting experience that visitors are sure to love. There are plenty of excellent cycling routes in this part of the USA that wind through forests and valleys alongside gently flowing rivers. Before embarking on a cycling vacation in North California it is best to study local maps and take the time to plan the routes that you will be taking.

Choosing the right type of bike for the cycling trip is very important and whether you have your own bicycle or are hiring one you need to make sure that it is able to go the distance. There are lots of different things to look out for when choosing a bicycle such as the number of gears that it has and the type of seat so that you will be able to sit comfortably for every mile of the journey and will be able to tackle any tough hills that come your way.

Being visible on the road is another obstacle that cyclists often have to face and this can be particularly tricky when you are cycling in the evening. You should make yourself more visible to passing motorists by wearing bright cycling clothing and opting for brightly colored accessories such as lights, reflector strips and knee pads. They might not look like the height of fashion, but they make it much easier for motorists to see you.

Although you probably will not want to have the burden of carrying a lot of provisions and other items with you, it is best to take along at least a couple of bottles of water as well as some cupcakes, a bicycle repair kit and a torch. Also take the time to study maps and discover where you will be able to stop along the way to pick up extra provisions when you need them.