Exploring the Stunning Sacramento Valley

The exciting city of Sacramento is among the top destinations in North California and this makes the perfect day trip destination for vacationers. Sacramento is well known for its colorful nightlife scene, while there are also plenty of impressive historical and cultural attractions for visitors to enjoy like the impressive Sutter’s Fort State Historical Park with its jail and blacksmith’s forge.

Sacramento ValleyThe city also offers an interesting insight into the railroad history of North California and people who want to learn more about this should check out the California State Railroad Museum. People who have a creative streak will also have fun at the Croker Art Museum, while the State Indian Museum offers an insight into the life and times of the area’s original inhabitants.

A stunning train ride takes visitors through North California to Sacramento and even people who have their own transportation should take the opportunity to leave the car behind and ride the rails. Visitors will have plenty of time to simply sit back and relax and watch as the stunning scenery slides slowly past their window. There are also plenty of points to hop on and off the train during the journey to take a closer look and perhaps pick up a few snacks to share with other passengers.

The Sacramento Valley is also just a short drive away from the city and visitors are sure to love the intense natural beauty of this part of North California. Those who have a strong sense of adventure can have fun cycling or hiking through the Sacramento Valley and there is certainly no shortage of cool places to stop and soak up the scenery. Other exciting activities that are just waiting to be enjoyed here include white water rafting, sailing and horseback riding along the area’s special trails.